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Early Literacy Teaching Guides
Complement Educator Workshops

MAKE WAY FOR BOOKS Teaching Guides include easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions for early literacy lessons and activities. All of the guides are research based and incorporate suggested titles; read-aloud tips; and before, after, and extended activities associated with each book. Some of the Teaching Guides and workshop supplemental materials are available in their entirety or partially for free download here. However, we strongly encourage educators to attend the MWFB Professional Development Workshops before using the guides, as the workshops provide extensive information not found in the Teaching Guides.

If you have suggestions for the Teaching Guides or stories about how the MWFB resources have benefited your children, please share. Your feedback is invaluable to MWFB and to other early childhood educators.

We Recommend taking Workshops before Using Guides

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Teaching Guides

A Healthy Child Is Read to Every Day



A Healthy Child is Read to Every Day

This extensive core MWFB Teaching Guide for educators and childcare providers includes 25 comprehensive Storytime lessons with activities. The lessons and activities relate to some of the most-loved children’s books of all time. Additional Tips and Tricks that help teachers choose the best books, incorporate Storytime best practices, and read aloud effectively also are provided for easy reference.

Storytime Tips and Tricks:  
Teaching Guide
Book List
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Reading Readiness Through Storytime and Play



Reading Readiness Through Storytime and Play

This essential Teaching Guide includes lessons to help children master the six key reading-readiness skills identified by the Arizona Department of Education: print awareness, book handling, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary development, and comprehension. Each of the 30 lessons is related to a particular book and focuses on a specific reading-readiness skill. Teaching Strategies accompanying the guide provide additional information and ideas for integrating reading-readiness activities in the classroom.

Teaching Guide
Teaching Strategies
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Promoting Peace Through Picture Books



Promoting Peace Through Picture Books

This guide provides teachers with 35 comprehensive lessons to foster the development of peaceful behaviors in children. Lessons and activities help educators build a positive and nurturing preschool classroom environment within the context of teaching reading-readiness skills and encouraging the development of children’s social-emotional skills. The guide features specially selected titles, categorized into five different concepts of peace: Peace Starts with Me, Peace with Friends, Peace Through Caring, Peace with Others, Peace with Earth.

Book List
Sample Lessons
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 Buddy Up with a Book: Thematic Based Activity Guides

 Promoting Peace Through Picture Books Try these thematic activity guides for summer programming or any time of year.  Click here for additional information.

  • Activities take about 45 minutes to complete.
  • For each book, there is an activity based on one of the six areas of Reading Readiness, and an extension activity pertaining to the activity guide's theme: The Art of Reading, Flying High with a Good Book, or Books are Friends Forever.
  • Activities are designed for preschool-age children or a combination of both preschool and school-age children.

Flying High With a Good Book
The Art of Reading
Books Are Friends Forever

Donations Appreciated

MAKE WAY FOR BOOKS Teaching Guides are free to early childhood educators and childcare providers. However, developing and producing the guides is not without expense. The average cost of one Teaching Guide for one educator is $25. Because MWFB relies on donations to provide its early literacy resources, we ask that you consider making a contribution today. Any amount will help MWFB continue to provide these Teaching Guides and develop new early literacy resources for educators and families.

Make Way For Books is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, all gifts are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

Preschool Program
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MWFB provides a full continuum of services to childcare centers and preschools participating in its Preschool Program. In addition to the Professional Development Workshops and Teaching Guides, Preschool Program resources include lending libraries, weekly storytimes; on-site curriculum and standards consultation; family literacy events, and take-home books for children.

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